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Going on a Date? Avoid These Foods

The last thing you want to happen on your romantic dinner night is your date bailing out with their hands covering their nose. Talking to someone with a bad case of halitosis can be a nauseating experience, and your date can be suffering without you even being aware of it.

While such disastrous night is a worrying thought, what you should be more worried about is how to stop bad breath from ruining your health. Halitosis or bad breath can either be caused by bad oral hygiene or poor gastrointestinal health conditions. This simply means that what you eat may affect how your breath smells.

With a healthy diet and good dental hygiene practices, you can take your date’s breath away. Here are the following foods you should eat, according to our Booragoon Dental Clinic team:


Studies suggest that eating yogurts daily can reduce levels of odour-causing compounds like hydrogen sulphide in the mouth. It also cuts backs bacteria which can cause plaque and gum disease. Avoid the sugar-added varieties, though, as they only add to bacteria growth.

Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

Carrots, celery, and apples are called nature’s toothbrush for many good reasons. For one, they help scrape off plaque build-up. Crunchy fruits and vegetables also facilitate in the production of bacteria-busting saliva. This keeps your mouth moist and sufficiently rinsed out.

Fresh Citrus Fruits

You should also include fruits that are rich in vitamin C in your meal plan. The essential vitamin makes it hard for bad bacteria in your mouth to thrive, preventing gum disease and gingivitis. As often as possible, get your vitamin C through natural ways. Some supplements and artificial sources only cause gastrointestinal trouble, which may worsen halitosis in the long run.

Bad breath should never go in between you and your special someone. To prepare for your romantic dinner date, start following good oral hygiene practices now. In addition, try to avoid food or substances like cigarettes and other odoriferous commodity that may encourage bacterial growth.

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