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Whiter and Brighter: Understanding Teeth Whitening Procedures

Teeth whitening is a simple dental procedure using Hydrogen Peroxide (bleach) to remove stains and achieve a desired shade. It is not a one-time procedure, and we recommend our patients to undergo the treatment regularly for optimum results.


Other pre-existing dental problems may affect the outcome of a teeth whitening procedure. For example, if you have cavities, we need to have them treated before the whitening session. This is because the whitening solution may pass through decayed and affected areas, reaching the inner parts of the tooth and causing more damage. In the case of receding gums, the teeth’s exposed roots may appear yellowish or discoloured. Whitening will not solve these problems and make the discoloured parts whiter. If you’re unsure whether your teeth is suitable for the procedure, visit our clinic and consult with our dentists. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment to find out the cause of staining.

Proper Assessment

As whitening treatments are only applicable to healthy teeth and gums, our resident dentists will thoroughly check various aspects of the teeth, such as receding gums, enamel thickness, existing sensitivity, tooth decay, and restorations and any other oral diseases or conditions that may affect the procedures. Afterwards, there will be an examination to determine the cause and location of discolouration. It could be either inside or on the surface of the teeth. In case of any surface stains, our dental hygienists may provide necessary treatment.


Our dentists will use a substance to cover and protect the gums surrounding the teeth. Afterwards, the whitening agent will be applied. It could be on the outside to brighten the appearance or on the inside of the root canal in case of diseased roots. Various lighting schemes may be used to activate some whitening agents, such as a laser light. After applying the whitening gel, the dentist in-charge will shine the light on the teeth to activate it. For badly discoloured teeth, continue the bleaching process using home treatments or a whitening gel our dentists will provide.

If you have additional questions regarding teeth whitening and other dental procedures, contact us and our staff will provide assistance.

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