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Bad Breath, Be Gone!

Halitosis, or bad breath, is one of the most common mouth problems and definitely among the most embarrassing ones to have. While you cannot just shut your mouth and avoid speaking, a few handy tips on prevention can go a long way.

Steer clear of bad breath by doing the following:

Brush and floss regularly

The best solutions are the simplest ones. As basic as it is, brushing may sometimes be one of the most neglected routines in our daily lives. When you brush and floss your teeth regularly, you lessen the build-up of germs that cause bad breath.

Pay attention to your tongue. Scraping or brushing the tongue is a commonly neglected habit. The tongue is a magnet for residue, which makes it an easy target for germ build up.

Eat foods that prevent bad breath

As with most problems, the best way to solve the problem of bad breath is to determine the root of the problem, and go from there. By eating foods that naturally inhibit bad breath, you stop the problem right at its source.
Foods that are rich in vitamin D such as salmon, eggs, and orange juice are good examples of bad breath preventing food and drinks. It helps to avoid foods that cause or accelerate bad breath, as well. Sugary foods, acidic drinks, coffee, and alcohol make your mouth an environment that is conducive to germ build-up and subsequently, bad breath.

Remember that the main cause of bad breath is germ build-up. By not letting your mouth be a breeding ground for germs, you eliminate the problem of bad breath right at its source. Take a holistic approach to your oral health and you will be able to avoid bad breath and other such embarrassing dental problems.

If you notice that bad breath persists, consult our team immediately. At Booragoon Dental Clinic, we have an Oral Hygiene Department dedicated to preserving your general oral health. Get in touch with us today for enquiries.

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