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You Can “Chew” It: Why Chewing Your Food Mindfully is Important

The world moves at a fast pace, and everything keeps up with its speed. Eating is not exempt. As it’s already an unconscious reflex, chewing feels like something trivial. In reality, chewing is definitely more than that.

Many health professionals and nutritionists advocate the importance of chewing your food thoroughly. Other than allowing you to enjoy your food more, mindful chewing offers a number of benefits to your health. We’ve listed below all the things you need to know about chewing your food thoroughly.

The Mechanical and Chemical Process

Technically, chewing is the start of the digestion process. The mechanical process of chewing disintegrates large pieces of food into smaller particles, thus giving them a much smoother consistency and surface area. This, in turn, makes digestion easier.

The chemical process of chewing, on the other hand, involves the lubrication of the food aggregates with saliva. Saliva has enzymes that improve the digestion’s chemical process. Saliva also breaks down some important compounds and nutrients in the food, making them easier to distribute during the digestion process.

The Benefits

As food is thoroughly chewed, the consistency of the food will prevent the oesophagus, or the tube that connects the mouth and the stomach, from overworking. A thoroughly chewed food particle contains fewer bacteria, as the saliva has taken more time to kill some bacteria in the food before it pass through the stomach. Since chewing can improve digestion, it can also help in shedding unwanted pounds.

What You Can Do to Improve this Reflex

It’s not enough to focus on how long the food should stay in your mouth. You should also see to it that your teeth are doing their job properly. If you have a problematic bite or a set of crooked teeth, the food will be masticated unevenly no matter how long it stays in your mouth. Moreover, damaged teeth are difficult to clean, making them ideal for bacterial growth.

Chewing is an important part of the digestion process. Make sure that your teeth are in good shape so that chewing won’t be difficult. Contact us today or browse our pages to see how we can help you improve your dental health.

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