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Good Food for Good Oral Health

Bad breath should never be a common concern. Recently, however, many people have fallen victim to this malodour curse more frequently. It is embarrassing in many ways and may prevent social interaction, which can compromise self-esteem severely. Fortunately, bad breath is not without a filling solution.

Bad breath is generally a result of either bad oral hygiene or gastrointestinal health. In other words, even if you follow exceptional oral hygiene practices, problems with your digestive system can still make your breath smell stinky. So, it helps to be mindful of your oral and digestive health. You can start by choosing what you eat.


Foods that are rich in vitamin C help eliminate bad breath-causing germs from your mouth. Due to the acidity level of this vitamin, bacteria will not be able to multiply and die out eventually. Remember to get this essential vitamin from fruits and vegetables, though. Avoid supplements as much as possible; they may only upset your digestive system and worsen foul breath.

(Herb) a Cup of Tea

Chewing on herbs like rosemary and tarragon is great for battling bad breath, as well. You can even make tea out of these herbs. Wash down your lunch with a warm cup of spearmint tea, for example, and enjoy its benefits like cleaner digestive tracts. A single serving of green tea also has enough catechin, a natural oxidant, which repels bad bacteria from your digestive system.

Crunch Time

An apple a day might not always keep the doctor away. Your dentist, however, may approve of your food choice. Crunchy food like apple and cucumber stimulates the saliva-producing glands, which rinse your mouth. This removes plaque build-up and eliminates the stinky smell.

Cracking Case

Almonds and other nuts have been found to help maintain good oral health, as well. As they contain natural fibres, you can keep your mouth free of unwanted odour-causing bacteria and unsightly stains.

At Booragoon Dental Clinic, we take extra care in bringing superb dental care services to our patients. We offer first-class dental treatments to make sure you will not be bothered by bad-smelling breath anymore. If you want to learn more about dental services, feel free to contact us now.

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