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How To Strengthen Your Mouth Through the Food and Drink You Consume

Regular brushing and frequent checkups are extremely important for dental hygiene. Problems with your mouth should be dealt  with as soon as they occur.

Booragoon Dental Clinic offers comprehensive dental care which will keep your mouth healthy and will allow you to go about your day. We want you to be free from any pain or discomfort.

Whilst checkups are an important part of teeth health, ultimately it is up to you whether your mouth stays in peak condition. Read our guide about the best ways to strengthen and maintain your teeth through the food and drink that you consume.

What To Consume

Drink Delicious Milkshakes

Milk is one of the best sources of calcium which will help the bones of your teeth to remain strong and intact. There are various ways to include more milk in your diet, but flavoured shakes are perhaps the most delicious. Blend your own milkshakes with fruit and full-fat yoghurt to create a tasty breakfast meal or a healthy snack. Your teeth will definitely start to feel the benefit.

Avoid milkshakes which have a high-sugar content or are made with low-fat milk. Sugar can cause your teeth to rot whilst you will be missing out on a lot of vital calcium if you only choose low-fat dairy products.

Eat Spinach

Spinach is chock-full of calcium and vitamins which will strengthen your teeth so that they can avoid many of the problems which afflict people’s mouths. The vitamins from spinach will make your gums increasingly healthy and will enhance their natural red glow.

Eat Nuts

Almonds are a rich source of calcium which can be eaten to improve the health of your teeth. The advantage of almonds is that they are incredibly diverse and can be eaten with a wide range of different foods: for example, start your day with a bowl of mixed fruit, almonds and yoghurt which will set you up for the morning. For lunch, eat a warm chicken salad with spinach leaves and a dressing of oil and almonds. In the evening, you can add almonds to a thick Indian curry to give the dish some extra texture.

Drink Tea

Herbal and black teas contain compounds known as polyphenols. These compounds help to fight the buildup of plaque which can happen if you consume too many sugary snacks or soft drinks. Make sure to drink a few cups a day in order to keep your teeth free of decay.

Eat Cheese

As with milkshakes, cheese is an excellent source of calcium and should be incorporated into your diet. Some people have no problem with this and will gladly eat brie sandwiches and feta salad all day long. However, if you are not the biggest fan of cheese you can still consume lots of it by having mozzarella on pizza toppings.

If you are worried that your diet is hindering your teeth, book a checkup with us today!

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