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Which Foods Aren’t Good for My Teeth?

Strong, healthy teeth deliver many benefits throughout one’s life. From enjoying all the foods that you love to eat to avoiding painful gum infections and smiling a smile that’s nothing shy of infectious (in a good way!), having a healthy set of teeth is a wonderful thing, and one of the many reasons why regular dental care provided by an experienced dentist is essential.

While regular dental treatments offer many benefits, if you’re not eating the right foods you could still be doing your teeth a disservice. Here are seven foods that are bad for your teeth, so minimise consumption of these foods or avoid them altogether.


Citrus fruits are great for your health as they provide Vitamin C in great quantities, however, as they’re very acidic, this acid can cause dental decay and result in the need for cosmetic dentistry. Don’t give up citrus, but be aware that too much of a good thing can harm your teeth and overall dental health.


Coffee in itself isn’t harmful to your teeth, but excessive consumption can cause stains that are difficult to remove. A good way to reduce this is to drink water immediately afterwards, moreover, try to minimise the ‘add-ons’, especially sugar.

Dried Fruits

Any sticky food is not good for your teeth. While there’s a lot to be said for choosing dried fruits over other snacks, if you want to enjoy dried fruit and not have to have your teeth cleaned more frequently, brush your teeth immediately afterwards.

Potato Chips & Starchy Snacks

Starchy foods, especially starchy snacks like potato chips, are very bad for your teeth. As they cause your teeth to rot, they lead to poor dental hygiene and smelly breath, plus the starch leads to a plaque build-up.


It’s amazing how many people chip their teeth eating ice — it’s for chilling not chewing!

Soft Drinks

Not only shouldn’t you eat the ice, but you should avoid soft drinks altogether, for not only do they have a high sugar content but they’re also acidic. A glass of cola or lemonade is ok as an occasional treat, after all, they’re lovely on a hot summer’s day, but they’re not something you should consume daily.

Sports Drinks

In all honesty, most of these drinks are a scam and you’d do well to avoid them completely. Not only are they bad for your dental health (you’ll increase your dental care costs if you continue to consume them long-term) but they’re not good for you in general. As the main ingredient in most of these drinks is sugar, they cause dental decay, plus you’d have to run more than a mile to burn off all those calories!

These seven foods should be avoided or minimised in your diet if you’re to enjoy healthy teeth right throughout your adult life. If you have any queries about these foods and the foods that deliver better dental health, please discuss these queries with your dentist during your next visit.

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