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The Importance of Child Dentistry

Research has shown that a vast majority of adults who rarely see a dentist, had unpleasant experiences as children. Dentistry has come a long way in the past few decades, especially in the treatment of children, with child-friendly clinics such as Booragoon Dental, where young children have a pleasant experience, while learning about oral hygiene.

Preventative Practices

If a child has regular visits to a child friendly dentist, they would learn the correct brushing techniques, and by understanding how tooth decay occurs, the child will develop preventative practices that will become routine. Many of the adults who have dental issues could have prevented them if they had been educated as children. The modern dentist is not just about fillings and extractions, and a major part of their work is educating their patients on correct oral care, especially young children.

Primary Teeth

Also known as baby teeth, they are every bit as important as your permanent teeth, and incorrect alignment can affect speech and the ability to chew. Alignment is important, as these teeth are setting the foundations for the permanent set, and with the tendency for sweet liquids, the primary teeth can easily decay.

Primary Molars

These should ideally be retained until the child is 11 or 12 years old, and regular dental treatment is essential, as primary teeth that are exposed to high levels of sugar will quickly decay. Once a child reaches the age of five, they are able to perform oral hygiene without supervision, and by learning the correct brushing techniques and following a cleaning routine, the primary teeth should remain healthy until it is time for the permanent teeth to erupt.

Child-Friendly Clinic

If a young child has an unpleasant dental experience, it could turn them off the dentist for life, and this can sometimes be very difficult to overcome. At Booragoon Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves in our child-friendly environment, and we realise the importance of an enjoyable experience, and by making the child feel at home, they are more likely to relax. We have many adult patients who come for check-ups as a family, and this encourages the children to enjoy the experience.

Parental Education

Everything that a child ingests is given by a parent, and by educating them about the right diet, the child will benefit greatly. Too much sugar is a common cause of tooth decay, and some products contain very high levels of sugar. We believe is tackling a problem at the very source and when a mother or father is attentive to the sugar content of various products, they are better informed as to what their child should consume. A child is far more likely to floss daily if they see their parents doing the same, so we emphasise the importance of correct role modelling.

If your child has yet to visit a dentist, we would love to be their first experience, and with regular appointments, your child will develop healthy teeth and gums. We also offer a range of cosmetic treatments for adults of all ages, along with the very latest dental implant technology, so feel free to make an appointment for either yourself or your child.

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