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Wisdom Teeth: Should You Let Them Go?

Serious aches, swollen faces, and painful surgical procedures—these are side effects most people associate with the continued growth of wisdom teeth. It’s also why many people choose to get them removed early on, before they cause even more trouble. The question, though, is should you really let them go or just leave them there? Wisdom…

Grind No More: Simple Ways to Treat Bruxism

It’s normal for people to clench or grit their teeth on occasion. Normally, the condition called bruxism (or occasional teeth grinding) is harmless, but it can pave the way for some oral health complications if it happens on a regular basis. The condition normally happens during sleep, caused by missing or crooked teeth or an…

The Fruit Shall Set You Free

Fruits and vegetables are perennial sources of vitamins and nutrients that the body needs for optimum functioning. Not many know, however, that some varieties also promote and keep your teeth healthy. If you still believe the myth that sugary fruits only harm your dental health, it is time to know the truth. The mouth contains…

Whiter and Brighter: Understanding Teeth Whitening Procedures

Teeth whitening is a simple dental procedure using Hydrogen Peroxide (bleach) to remove stains and achieve a desired shade. It is not a one-time procedure, and we recommend our patients to undergo the treatment regularly for optimum results. Preparation Other pre-existing dental problems may affect the outcome of a teeth whitening procedure. For example, if…

Snoring, Sign of Health Problem

Almost everyone snores occasionally. But it may signify a health problem if it happens frequently and affects the quality of your sleep. Booragoon Dental Clinic may help you understand snoring, so you can find the right treatment for your condition. Causes Snoring happens for different reasons, including obstruction in the nasal airways, which may be…

Going on a Date? Avoid These Foods

The last thing you want to happen on your romantic dinner night is your date bailing out with their hands covering their nose. Talking to someone with a bad case of halitosis can be a nauseating experience, and your date can be suffering without you even being aware of it. While such disastrous night is…

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