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Restorative Dentistry

General Dentistry is described as the most commonly occurring dental problems that Dentists deal with. These include fillings of all types, Root Canal Treatment, and simple extractions.


Fillings are required when decay has damaged the tooth structure. Fillings can be either amalgam (silver) or white. Depending on your situation, the most relevant and appropriate material type will be chosen for you by our skilled dental team.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment or Endodontic treatment is done when a tooth has been badly damaged due to decay, disease or injury beyond the point where only a filling will be successful. It is done where decay/damage has progressed in to the centre of the tooth structure and involves the nerve to the point where the tooth will die. When this happens, there are normally two possible courses of treatment; root canal treatment or extraction of the tooth. Root canal treatment is done in an effort to save the natural tooth, however this is not always possible. Talk to our experienced dental team today to book a consultation if you have any queries.

Dental Extractions

Dental extractions are done on a daily basis here at Booragoon Dental Clinic. General dental extractions (i.e. not wisdom tooth extractions) are generally very straight forward and done with as little discomfort to the patient as possible. Extractions are done for a number of reasons, the most common being; removal of an infected tooth that is otherwise not restorable and creating space for orthodontic treatment. For those who are very nervous, we do offer different levels of sedation, including Intravenous sedation, Nitrous Oxide — “laughing gas”. For further information please call or email us with any queries you may have.

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You should be aware that there is inherent risk in any surgical or invasive procedure. Before proceeding with surgery ensure you seek the guidance from a medical professional at Maven Dental Booragoon. Results shown may vary from individual to individual.