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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth extractions are done on a regular basis here at Maven Dental Booragoon. Wisdom teeth problems arise most commonly in people in their late teens or early twenties. Most people have four wisdom teeth however having 3 or less is not uncommon.

Wisdom teeth become a problem as they begin to grow most commonly in patients that do not have enough space at the rear of the jaw to fit them. If this happens, the teeth become wedged in behind the tooth in front (impacted). Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a variety of problems including infection, pain, damage to nearby molars, and food packing which can then lead to decay.

If the dentist deems it necessary for you to have your wisdom teeth out, you can choose to have the surgery done here at our clinic or be referred to an Oral Surgeon.

For those who opt to get it done here we do offer different levels of pain relief including; local anaesthetic, Nitrous Oxide — “laughing gas” and Intravenous Sedation. A member of the valium family, the latter drug provides a twilight sleep, effectively giving a period of amnesia while the surgery is being performed. The benefit of choosing this method is that directly after the surgery you can be taken home and recover in familiar surroundings.

As with all surgeries, there are some risks involved with the taking out of wisdom teeth. For more information please call our surgery to discuss these risks with reference to your particular case.

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You should be aware that there is inherent risk in any surgical or invasive procedure. Before proceeding with surgery ensure you seek the guidance from a medical professional at Maven Dental Booragoon. Results shown may vary from individual to individual.